Totem Hawks

What amp and cabling are you using with your Totem Hawks ?
When I first got them I was using an Exposure 3010 integrated amp (100 WPC) and Chord Odyssey Biwire. I've since changed over to an Audio Research VS110 and am still using the Odyssey as it is an excellent match.
Thanks ..appreciate your feed back.
Something like a SimAudio I5 would be a good match I think.
I second Drew_w's recommendation. Sim+Totem=goodmatch.

You may want to look into the Cairn integrated, or a YBA integre. Those would also be pretty good matches for the Totems. As far as cabling goes I've found with my forests that Analysis plus works best. I'm using oval 9 now, but am going to upgrade to solo crystal 8 or silver oval (I always mess up their titles, so sorry if I've goofed here). I've used transparent musiclink with them and thought it was a good but not great match. Cardas didn't sound nice at all with them, but I'm not a huge cardas fan. BTW, for cabling I'm referreing to speaker and ICs only.
The good people at Totem also put SimAudio I5 high on their recommended list for the Hawks (in response to my e-mail to them). Plinius 9200 as well.
Thanks everyone ! Well, I guess that my best bet would be a SimAudio I5. I am actually using a Pathos Classic One at the present and I am reasonably happy except for soundstage...not very good at all....maybe an I5 would help. If you have any suggestions on what could help soundstage, please let me know.
I have tried moving the speakers about with little change. My source is mostly an MF XRayV3. I have tried Cardas Cross, Nordost Blue heaven and Totem tress cables.
Vince ran Totem with Plinius in Montreal in April, so the recommendation of the 9200 isn't surprising.

As to improving soundstage, you might experiment with different floor-speaker base contacts. Are you using spikes on carpet, or the Claws on hardwood? Not sure what will work best for your application. I had very good results with Black Diamond Racing cones under my trusty old Totem Sttafs, on wood veneer floors. Lots of different products with their own fan base...
I am using the claws on hardwood floor. There is no carpet in the room. I have one speakers that is closer to a wall (approx 2 feet) than the other due to furniture arrangement. The one speaker that is closer to the wall is on the shorter wall.
How good are the Hawks supposed to be when it comes to soundstage...that I don't know neither..
I've heard really great soundstaging with the hawks and sim gear in the past. Which version of the Pathos do you have? I just listened to the mk II and thought it threw a nice soundstage with impressive depth and width for it's specs/size. I think the sim may be a better match, but I'd first address some issues in your room. I think not having any carpeting is not going to help focus your sound. Also, if you have an open ended setup on one side, then I'd want to move the speaker on the shorter wall farther away from it if possible. I just re-auditioned the plinius 9200 and have decided I like the sound. I heard it against a Krell KAV 400ix and while it doesn't have the grip around the bass that the Krell does, it was more well rounded and listenable, as it's not as sterile as the krell comes across.

The Cardas cables won't be helping things any, as I've had bad experiences with them and totem in the past (and with just about everything else). I love my analysis plus cables with totem, and have heard them with sim. Great match! I'd go for the oval 9 series, I think represents a great match of quality and price. Not to say their more expensive stuff isn't better, just that I wouldn't go any lower than oval 9.
I have the Pathos MK II. I guess I better try a carpet and move the one speaker away from the wall before trying out other amps or possibly other speakers (was thinking of the Proac D25 possibly). Actually, other than the soundstage issue I really like the sound of my system. Thanks for your guys on Audiogon are so helpful !
I'm using Claws on 3/4" marble slabs on carpet. I might try putting the Claws on the carpet and mass-loading them with sand.
Do you use the claws with the ball bearings or without ? I have not been using the easy to tip the speakers over..
Yeah, that's a big thing given my 1.5 yr old son loves dancing in front of the speakers. I'm still using the bearings, as there is a noticable increase in the tightness of the bass and overall sound quality.

This is the ONLY thing that my wife doesn't like about the Hawks. She loves the looks, and she loves the sound. High WAF is a rare thing indeed.
I use the bearings on hardwood floor also.
OK guys, I will take your advise and give it a try...that is if my uneven floor makes it possible to use the bearings.
With an uneven floor, here are a few things you could try:

- a bead of clear silicone caulk around the ball bearings (get someone else to hold the speakers in place as you're applying it)

- set the bearings in Vibrapods (I have some #1's and #2's on the way and this will be one of the experiments I do)

- go to Home Depot and pick up some 12x12 granite tiles and level them with small wedges of wood
Good tips..Thanks Ghunter !!
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