Totem Arros to Sttaf ? Is it worth it ?

Hi guys, been living w/ the Arros for quite sometime now. I'm wondering whether its worth to upgrade to the Sttaf ? What difference can be wrought about by these two speakers ? I'm using the Arros w/ the Anthem Pre and Amp combos and I'm actually happy with the results. But you know, one can never be contented ? THanks Jim
I like Arros. Unless, you are moving into the larger room, i wouldn't invest into the new speakers. If you feel, that you HAVE to change something (i know that feeling), maybe, upgrade your source? CDP, or get into the "vinyl"? Is it worth it? If you upgrade on better? It is! Good luck!
You can always squeeze more performance out of a good pair of speakers. Try playing with a different amp or pre-amp or source or cables and see if any of those satisfy your jones. :-)
I agree that the source is the place to start, but since you didn't mention what you're using, it could be terrific already ( Linn CD12 ? Ikemi ? ) If the upgrade bug is biting you but you're not sure why, that's the place to start. Unless your listening room could stand some improvement... All that said, if I were upgrading from Arros, which can sound really good, I would look higher than the STTAF. I'd check out the Forest.