Totem Arro

Would appreciate opinions on Totem Arro,including critcisms. Thanks
Great speaker. Great sound for the price. I have heard them play in a couple CES shows and man it amazes me as well as others in the room. One small drawback.... it doesn't play very loud....loud enough but not quite. in a small to mid size room should be fine. There is one pair on Audiogon for US$500. Buy it as you will not regret it.
i tried these in my system, crossed over at 70hz to a pair of vmps larger subs. they were excellent, but they won't play rock-n-roll. i was loving 'em, playing jazz, folk, world music, etc. then, i put on little feat-waiting for columbus. i had to take it off immediately - couldn't even listen for 5 minutes! these puppies were really hurtin'! my listening room is very large, but, as i said, i'm crossing over the monitors at 70hz. i understand the latest arro has revised drivers - mebbe they'd do better. i tried a pair of the mini proac tablette signatures in this set-up, and they were fine, even on rock music.
ok, the totem arro, where to begin? i owned a pair for a little less than a year, sold them on this site.things the arro's do right: soundstage, mid-range, treble.the arro is a very nice speaker and good value at $1100.00. they look great. i drove mine with a rega mira amp and at other times an electronic tonalities paras.e.x. amp. the paras.e.x. did not really have enough power to drive them well at all, although it did work. i'd recommend at least 40 wpc.i also owned a pair of totem mite speakers and liked them better than the arro's for a small room. the arro's need good equipment to partner with.problems with the arro: BASS!!! the arro has a 4 1/2 woofer, i don't care how trick this design is, it's still a 4 1/2" gives the impression of bass, but will not provide bass you can feel. after awhile, this started to bug me. if driven hard, the woofer will bottom out with a very loud CRACK!, not nice. other speakers i own are kef 105's, infinity overture 2's and last but not least, rega ela's. the rega's retail for the same price as the arro's. although i like the arro's, the rega speakers best them in every way but looks. the arro's bothered me over time, the rega's i could live with the rest of my life, its not even close. arro's= very nice. ela's= wow, wonderfull!