Toslink to AT&T ST Conversion

Anyone have an idea for a simple and cost effective way to convert Toslink to AT&T ST? I have an Apple TV and an older Proceed DAC with multiple inputs, including both Toslink and AT&T. The Apple has a Toslink out, but no AT&T. Sounds great, but I'd like to move the Apple TV to another location in the same room, and run a fairly long run of AT&T glass cable (which I already have) into the Proceed.

As always, your replies are very much appreciated.
Funny...I am trying to do the same thing. You may have to end up using a Monarchy dip and then converting the Tos to AES/EBU. You should also look into "glass" Toslink if you haven't. I have heard tell it very close if not equal to AT&T glass.
Thanks Don. Audio Authority makes a Toslink to coaxial converter that is sold by Van Alstine audio. I think it is the model 977R. Apparently Toslink and ATT are not compatible, so a converter is required.

Thanks for your reply
Hi, I want to do the same - Toslink (Apple TV) to AT&T (Jadis DAC). But Van Alstines converter 977R converts Toslink to Coaxial Optical 75Ohm Signal. I have sent my need to some cable companies, to see if someone makes this Toslink/AT&T optical cable. Keep you posted. Cheers
You can get a Genesis Digital Lens, which is a jitter killer but will also do any conversion you may ever need (it has AT&T, RCA, AES and Tos inputs and outputs), but it is more costly solution ($400 used) and adds another box.

On a positive site, it will improve the sound of your Apple TV.

Some types of Theta TLC (around $100 used) also came with AT&T output and Tos input. Those fitted with AT&T are hard to find though.