Toshiba SD9200 V Pioneer DV37


Did anyone get a chance to compare these two DVD players? I am looking for the best audio performance since I also intend to use the unit as a CD player so sound quality is very important to me (as well as the progressive scan picture with my HDTV). I intend to make a purchase soon and I was wondering what people think.

Any input / comments will be greatly appreciated.


I have used both and for me there was no comparison. the Toshiba excelled in ALL areas. Pioneer was no slouch, but build, looks, performance, and sound all belong to the Toshiba. Can't go wrong with this unit.
Ditto. Don't pay more than $625.00. These are now discontinued. P.S. SD9200 has HDCD.
Thank you guys for the input (that was what I thoght). A further question though: I am thinking now that since the sony DVP-9000es is only 200$ or so more expenseive (and it is also a SACD player), I should go with it. Have you auditioned this player? How does it perform on CD relative to the SD9200?

Thanks again for the input.
I have had both the tosh and the sony in my house and my wife was able to tell the sony was better. The only dvd player I have seen with a better piture is the EAD TVP. The audio on the sony is excelent!
Tim Flemke
Toshiba is one of the best sounding DVD players for CD's that you can buy. No matter how much you want to spend.