Tord Gustavsen's Extended Circle is Extraordinary

Tord Gustavsen's Quartet knocks it out of the park with Extended Circle. With the addition of Tore Brunborg on tenor saxaphone, a very fine and distinctive trio has become a remarkable quartet, mixing the best traditions of American jazz and European melodic lyricism. And there's the sheer funk of some of these tracks. Not to mention ECM's recording magic. Highly recommended.
Good to hear, is this a new release Stewie?
Thank you for recommendation. I have Ground, Being There and Changing Places. This trio is wonderful - I will definitely check Extended Circle.
I totally agree with Stewie. Extended Circle is great.
Ps68: yes, this is a new release. I have Kijanki's selections too (there was a fourth release, with vocals I think, that wasn't so hot), and this is quickly becoming my favorite.
Great, i'll check it out when back from T.H.E show, I have all listed and also Restored Returned which I love too..

Thanks for the heads up!