Top vintage receivers vs. modern high-end equipment

I am considering pairing an old amplification system to my JBL Paragon -- the idea of getting an all vintage system is very attractive to me. Among other things, I am looking into classics such as the Pioneer 1980 receiver or the Marantz 2600. Does anyone have direct experience in comparing this kind of equipment (very high-end but 40 years ago) to current high-end equipment, imagine an integrated Pass Lab amplifier? How do they stack up? Thank you. 
Still looking?

Well I've been dabbling in the same thing the last few months. 

My recommendation if you want top sound quality is a Sansui professional series from the late 70's 

AU11000, AU20000,AU30000. recapped these are as good or better then pretty much anything below $6k in a modern amp. and they have way more features then modern amps generally do. well no DAC-streaming of course.
very attractive looking love the rose sides, tops and black face but all the knobs are silver, and very well built.

I've started a build on the professional series separates CA 2000 and BA ???? (anyone have an amp they want to part with). 


Ive owned about 100 1970's receivers...still have 30-40 laying around collecting dust. (Mostly Pioneer). The Pioneer 9100 Integrated with a SG9800 EQ is an excellent combo. It will handily beat the SX-1980,1250,1010 TOTL Models.

For regular receivers:  SANYO JCX 2900, ONKYO 8500, SHERWOOD 9910. These will cost 1/2 the Price of Pioneer/Marantz receivers of comparable wattage...and SMOKE them in Detail. The Kenwood KR9600 is another excellent choice but more expensive than the above. (Still better than any Marantz/Pioneer)

As a whole I would say SANSUI is the best if you need to pick 1 brand...but your going to pay for them. A "Eight Deluxe" would be an excellent affordable choice. The "9000" series are awesome but very expensive.

Luxman's are awesome for detail...the best actually...but too laid back for Rock N Roll.

Stay Clear of Yamaha "Natural Sound", Sony, Tandberg

Stay Clear of Yamaha "Natural Sound", Sony, Tandberg? Why? I've heard a lot about Yamaha b2 and demos sound pretty damn good and full of drive:)

Because they sound like Crap compared to the others I posted. The "Natural Sound" receivers are lifeless and completely FLAT sounding. Their sound is completely unique to any other brand. Some might like it.  Sorry I obviously know all the answers already.
These receivers are ancient history the PASS int amp will be much better build and sound quality.