Tonearm cabling for Graham Phantom

Hi guys,

What cables have you guys used on the Phantom I arm ?
Is it advisable to use straight din to rca or is it the right angle din to Rca ?
Would appreciate some inputs.
I used Graham IC-70 Right Angle DIN to RCA and also PAD Venustas DIN to XLR. Different results. Both sound good.
does it have to be right angled ? does straight din to rca work ?
whats the difference between the two cables ?
Right angle or nor depends on the Space you have below the Armboard. With the Raven Armboard you can use both. I use a right angle one for example.
There are lots of choices out there. Depends on the Design (shielded, real Phono Cable or rebranded RCA), the interaction with the rest of your chain, copper...silver....
I made last year a comparison with
PAD Venustas
XLO Signature Phono
Siltech Phono
Graham IC-70
Kondo KSL-VZ
Cardas (their latest at that time)
and a few others I forgot.
The PAD can create a huge soundstage, but I did prefer the airy Speed from the XLO, the Graham IC-70 was another cable which showed a very good balance in all frequencies from top to bottom.
The other ones were much more expensive but didn't show that kind of balance, most were dominant in one or the other area.
When you use the Search here you will find lots of posts about Phono cables.
thanks for the inputs syntax
Hi, all good comments above.

On the right angle vs straight, sometimes this also depends on the cable, the Purist Audio Designs I use has a very flexible 6 inch lead allowing fairly unrestrictive movement and ability to bend. Others maybe more stiff dictating a right or straight for you. I used to have a SME IV.Vi than has a similar din arrangement as your Graham, I used both straight and right angles...

I think the next question is what are you wanting to accomplish? You can spend more on a arm cable than your arm if you want.

In my opinion, they are a critical element of your analog playback chain...and like most things, system matching is critical.

Good luck !
I know it's really expensive, but the Tara Labs GX phono cable is just fantastic! Two friends with Graham arms (and great systems) were so thrilled with theirs that I bought a used one here on Audiogon. It has made more difference than any cable change I have tried. Probably more like changing to a great cartride. It's hard to justify the price,but it will be the last time you buy a phono cable.
I agree with Hi5harry. I have a Graham Phantom II and now use the Tara Lab GX phono cable which offers the most airy and spacious presentation of all phono cables I tried in the past. Retail is very expensive. I would look for it in used market.
I've been very happy with the Stealth Hyperphono cable on my Phantom arm, (right angle DIN). I find it to strike a great balance of being detailed while still sounding full as opposed to strident, (rare in my experience). Very natural sounding. Best of luck with your choice, (there's no shortage of options, that's for sure).
wow, these are very expensive cables!! Some as much as half the cost of the arm...
Bhoage, I sent you an email
Anyone here have experience w/ Silver Audio Silver breeze tonearm able ?

Furutech AG 12:

Analysis Plus Solo Crystal phono cable:
I use the Silver Audio Silver Breeze between my Phanton Mk ii and my EAR MC-4. It is a wonderful combination in my system. The Silver Breeze replaced the Hovland MG2. You will find Silver Audio ICs to be very competitive with ICs costing 2x - 3x the price.
OFC copper has a Conductivity of 100 (from AES=Audio Engineering Society) and is the Standard in Audio.
Technical silver has conductivity 106 (Gold btw. 90)
That means, Silver can carry 6% more information than anything else. This is fact.
But, it can be decreased by the kind of solder, the kind of plugs which are used (cable or Phono input), from the Phono input to the cable ...
Bob Graham did his homework and delivers his Arm with Silver cable inside, his own IC-70 is silver cable...
You can ask 50 audiophiles and you will get 50 recommendations, that is fine, but what you do when from these 50 only 5 made the right decision?
It is better to trust Physics, it can help sometimes :-)
Excellent post, Syntax. One conversation with Max Kreifeldt at Silver Audio and I understood the benefits of combining Max' audiophile passion with his extraordinary knowledge in metallurgy and physics. I was not disappointed.
Relative to its cost I find the Silver Audio Silver Breeze an excellent performer.
Looks like Silver Audio Silver Breeze is a popular vote here.
I did more research, Furutech AG12 seems to be value for $ as well and seems well made.
The Esoteric reference 8n would be nice but they are $2200 for 1.2m- I read it tops the phono cable survey in stereophile July 2009issue.
On the issue of the right angle and straight-> which of the two terminations would be a safe shot ? in other words, more universal ?
again, the arm will be a phantom with raven one tt.

thanks for the clarifications guys!! appreciate it.
Has anyone heard the Phantom II with the Nordost Tyr phono cable?