Tonearm board makers?

Do any of you know of those who might be in the business of making tonearm boards to one's specification and desired materials? Kind thanks.

I think you should let us know what material you have in mind. Do you have a template?
Contact will nash He's an expert craftsman with a passion for hi-fi. He's located in Bend Oregon and works frequently with northwest Myrtlewood (very cool) but will use any wood you desire. He's an expert at solid heavy plinths. Good luck.
Any local shop should be able to do wood or acrylic; a machine shop should be able to do metal.
Thank you Schiss and Stanwal. Sounds_real, I am currently using an aluminum/brass board, cut for my SME IV.Vi. This a/b metal base sounds very good, but I'm anticipating going with another arm which will require a different cut out, and I'm not certain regarding the material[s] for it.
Doing my own out of stainless steel, purpleheart, and two different damping materials.
My consideration regarding a new tonearm board has been based on the assumption I would be keeping my old, existing VPI HW-19 MK 3 table. But having mulled over my other option long enough, I finally decided last night to go with a new Raven One. Once I've settled on a new arm choice I'll feed that information to Jeff Catalano at Highwater. Thank you all for your suggestions.