Tonearm board makers?

Do any of you know of those who might be in the business of making tonearm boards to one's specification and desired materials? Kind thanks.

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Thank you Schiss and Stanwal. Sounds_real, I am currently using an aluminum/brass board, cut for my SME IV.Vi. This a/b metal base sounds very good, but I'm anticipating going with another arm which will require a different cut out, and I'm not certain regarding the material[s] for it.
My consideration regarding a new tonearm board has been based on the assumption I would be keeping my old, existing VPI HW-19 MK 3 table. But having mulled over my other option long enough, I finally decided last night to go with a new Raven One. Once I've settled on a new arm choice I'll feed that information to Jeff Catalano at Highwater. Thank you all for your suggestions.