Tiny Dancer vs Strata Mini

I've narrowed my search down to the Usher Be-718 and the Onix Strata Mini.

This will be used in a small room (13x10x8) with a sub for music and HT use. I'd use it for music 75% of the time.

Though the Dancers cost more, how do they stack up against the 4-way Stratas? Also, which do you think would be a better fit for me?

The sound of these speakers could not be more different. I own Strata minis and they have a full low end with a very clear sounding midrange and slightly reticent top end. They are probably at the limit for a room of your size but would probably work. The Tiny Dancers OTOH have a extremely detailed top end that some either love or hate. I like most Usher speakers, but this is not one of them. I think there is a pair of minis on the Gon going for $1000. I would jump on these. Either of these speakers like power and seem current hungry. Good luck
Strata all the way.

Tiny Dancers are incredibly overpriced not to mention the chalk on a chalkboard presentation.
The Tiny Dancer,both are overpriced for what they offer,the Mini Strata have no midbass punch and poor dynamics,they are not very fullrange like,the Dancers are a little hot in the topend,the Tiny Dancer by a nose.Their are better out there for the money like the Infinity Classia C336,Swan T700,Wharfedale Opus2 M2,Maggie 1.6,Aperion T6,Gini Ls3/5a + bass stands,Totem Arro,Ohm Micro Walsh Tall,Mordaunt Short Mezzo 6,Era D14,and many of these are cheaper than these 2 speakers.
Definately the Minis.

Interesting enough, both have the same guy who did the crossovers, Danny Richie.

The Ushers are nice but definately not worth the cash they are asking for when I heard them. The Stratas I will disagree on with Tawaun, they are definately a full range speaker. Mid-bass is fast though not as impactful as your typical box speaker. The midrange is lush and very detailed.