I looking at Usher Tiny Dancer One, power?

I have a McIntosh 2250 =250 per channel..currently powering Usher BE 718s with great sound... I'm thinking of buying a pair of Usher Tiny Dancer "ones"... power handeling 90 watts 4 ohms...will I be ok?, or leave it be...
That should drive them nicely.
no problem with too much power?
I'm assuming you mean the Mini Dancer One. Don't look at the power ratings. They can handle plenty of power. 250W is a very nice match for the Mini Dancer One. In my opinion, it is a superior speaker to the BE-718, but the improvements are certainly not dramatic. Since you already have the BE-718, I personally don't think it would be worthwhile to move up to the Mini Dancer One for the small improvements.

Disclosure: I am an Usher dealer
Thanks Everest, good to have that info... the Dancer one has the dmd... is there a big difference between dmd and berryllium ? Don