Tice Power Block??

I own a Tice power block 3'I have a question regarding the ac comming out of this unit.My ac is 123v at my outlet from the wall but 130v from most of the outlets from the unit itself.Is this normal??Only 2 out of the 16 outlets on the tice read 123v..
I use Tice power conditioners, and nothing in my literature on them indicates such a variance, so I would view your observations as not normal. However, at 130v the variance is in all probability not harmful.

I don't know how the Power Block accomplishes its filtration, but the manual mentions transformers and capacitors, among other components. The capacitors are described as having 5% or 10% tolerances. Perhaps this could result in some variation in output voltage.

These are great units with terrific build quality. Too bad they're getting long in the tooth. Is it time for a replacement?
I'm trying to get to the bottom of a issue I had with my other gear all going haywire.I have a freind who has the same unit and he had checked his last night and it was just about the same coming out unit as from the wall.I wondering with this high voltage(130v)coming out of the tice gave me my issues with my Pre-amp.(Tubes failing/power supply buzzing etc..Any opinions whould be great!!