Thunderbolt DAC & Thurderbolt NAS?

Are there any DAC's and NAS's
made that have Thunderbolt?
Or just USB?

Got a new MacBook Air and would like to utilize the Thunderbolt if possible.

Thank you!
I believe that what you are referring to as a Thunderbolt NAS ("Network Attached Storage") is more properly referred to simply as an external hard drive or array of hard drives having a Thunderbolt interface. Thunderbolt is not usable for general purpose networking, but rather for direct connection to a specific computer that is located within a short distance.

There are some available from LaCie and Promise, although they can be quite expensive. Here is a listing of them at the Apple Store. The models shown are also widely available elsewhere.

Interface adapters are also available to adapt between a Thunderbolt interface and Firewire, USB, and possibly eSATA, although I have no particular familiarity with them, or with how well they work.

I don't know of any DAC's that have Thunderbolt interfaces. I believe that Apogee Electronics announced some time ago that they would be introducing one for professional applications, but I'm not sure that it exists yet.

-- Al
Thunderbolt is a super fast USB type connection. A NAS that has a Thunderbolt i/o isn't going to be of any benefit on a ethernet network, which is how it will be used to support a Sonos system.. As for USB 3.0 Dac's none yet that I know of..
Thanks Erik!
I also have found the few thunderbolt options
Are quite pricey!