Will Thunderbolt replace all as premium connector?

A query for all Transport/DAC manufacturers views, if the new connector - Thunderbolt will be the way of the future for at least server to dac connections? Will this be something they will be thinking off for the future?

USB may be good enough at the moment for present bandwidth required, but would having more secure connections be out done such as AES/EBU, by this newer connection?

Or will this connector be a similar to the debate such as Solid State hard drives are or are not better than present hard disc drives in sonic value.


Ten minutes it can transfer 8,760 HOURS of MP3 quality audio.
It can transfer a full HD movie in 30 seconds.
Fast, yeah it is fast. (and that is only at the current 10gig, where 30gig/sec is feasable)
I would start planning how to implement this in an audio chain if i were a developer.
I bet it's first going to be used for business. And since it is certain to be around for that reason, i do not think it is like a solid state drive.
Apple is already impementing it. Microsft should be up there too, as it is a third party format (Intel). (I doubt Microsoft can ignore this product. The only BAD possibility is the MicroSoftHeadedMorons try to bring out ANOTHER format. That would suck bigtime, and screw up any forward movement.
Once Intel chip motherboard manufacturers start adding it, Microsoft will be forced to adapt to it. Let's hope so.
I can't wait for Time-Warner Cable et al to start offering 10gig/sec internet lines...LOL!
SSD last longer....who knows if this interface will catch on??
Wait until fibre optics replaces copper, it could be 10X faster, 100gig/sec, bi-directional!
Lets not get ahead of ourselves. The 'net' is nowhere able to deliver those speeds to consumer broadbands and when it does its pricing model will be by the bit. One step forward, two steps back.
The technology is interesting and it will be some time before things "catch on". At the speeds talked about, a switch would be expensive so daisy chaining devices makes it more feasible commercially. It will be interesting to see if there will be ordering requirements on the "bus" and if some devices affect others in line. In the personal use home audio world market, I don't see it adding any benefit compared to what we have today.
I think the advantages will be less apparent in audio and more apparent in HD video.
Un, exactly. Even 5ch audio would be hard pressed to use all the bandwith available in say....Firewire.
If I could get the Verizon fiberoptic service, I would. Right now? Copper telephone lines at maybe a a couple meg. Big Deal.

Starting in a year or so, depending on how fast it is adopted, any new computer you buy should have this port. A little early yet, and if you are happy with the current setup, why change? Nothing to plug in yet, anyway!