Threshold 400a Amp vs. Forte 4a Amp

I own the Forte 4a amplifier and might have the opportunity of having a Threshold 400a amplifier. Have any of you guys heard both? Thanks
FWIW Never heard a Threshold 400.
Did own a new Forte 4a back in the day, biggest regret in 40 years of audio was trading it.
Hi Harmon

What speakers are you using with your Forte 4a amplifier? In a smaller room I have KEF 104/2 speakers and I paired them with a John Soderberg refurbished Threshold 400A amp. The sound was a bit forward sounding and a bit too in your face to me. I think if I had the KEF 104/2s and the Threshold 400A in a bigger room the sound would be more open.
I'm a tube guy, but loved my Forte4 all those years back. Really good for
solid state. Class A nice.
Sorry for the late response. My speakers are the EFE T-36's.