Thoughts on various speakers....

I love the "dry" realism and accuracy of Wilson Watt/Puppies but cannot afford & my wife cannot
stand to look at them. I'd like to hear your thoughts, comparisons, impressions and on the following speakers
and do any of these speakers come "close" to the sound of the Wilsons?

Revel M20
Revel Gem
Dynaudio Contour 1.3SE
Dynaudio Confidence 3
Dunlavy SM-1
Diapason Adamantes
B&W N805
I woudl strongly consider a pair of avalons. I knwo it i snot in your list but in terms of beauty they are gorgeous. and the sound is very accurate and detailed
I would agree with Jdwek's views on the Avalons - a friend has them and they are outstanding. I have also had very good luck with Vanderteen 5s. Good Luck!