what altec speakers do I have?

I have a pair of very old altec lansing speakers.The horns say 808-8A on them and the woofers are 15" with the biggest magnets on them I have ever seen.THe speakers are extremly large,the size of a klipsch horn.They have the huge horn on top and the separate woofer enclosure on bottom.They have both P.A. style and regular stereo type speaker connections. They don't say voice of the theatre on them anywhere but they look like some I saw on ebay.They are the best sounding speakers I own.I am curious as to what they are. Thank's 89vett
Sounds like they may be Voice of the Theatres, although it's also true that Altec used the same components in the VOTT as they did in some home models. For example the Valencia uses the same components as the A7-8 VOTT. They keys to answering your question would be to determine the model of the LF driver and crossover and the cabinet. If the bass driver is horn-loaded, it's almost certainly some iteration of the VOTT. I would encourage you to go to the Lansing Heritage website (www.audioheritage.org) and go the Altec Lansing pages on that site: they have reproduced many vintage Altec catalogues and likely you'll be able to answer your question by checking out the various old product descriptions and illustrations. Enjoy! dr.joe
I agree that it sounds as though you have Voice of the Theatres. If this is a very old pair I believe they are 16 ohm drivers. The old Voice of the Theatre's crossovers were externally mounted with solder lugs.
I would like to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for replying to my post.I found my speakers on the web site that you gave me.They are in fact voice of the theatre speakers and actually have the highly sought after 511-B\ 808-8a horns and titanium tweeter.I also found out that I have the bass enclosure upside down.So I am in for even better quality sound when I put them right side up. It has been a long and exhaustive search for any information on these speakers.I thank you so much for helping me.If there is anything I can ever help you guys with please let me know.I will be glad to do so. Steve 89vett
Try this site: http://www.angelfire.com/ok/AltecLansing/index.html The operator has some sound knowledge of Altec product. If he can't help you I've got some older literature boxed up I can dig out from my days as an Altec dealer.