Those damn Brits

For a few years I've been using a pair of PS Audio 250 Delta monoblocks (250w each) with a pair of Mirage M3si. Always sounded great! Great bass, smooth mids, decent high end, focused, powerful.... All this time, a pair of Meridian 105 monoblocks (100w each) have been sitting in their boxes. I took them out recently to make sure they worked as I am planning to use them in the surround system. Wouldn't you know it... sweeter, more liquid vocals, more overall warmth, damn good bass.... all this from a pair of 26 year old amps... what's a guy to do? I don't know if these amps have the necessary current for day-to-day ops on the M3si....
If they sound good now, I'm not sure why they wouldn't cut it next week or next month. Are these particular amps 26 years old? If so, I'm surprised the capacitors are still in good shape. That may be one "upgrade" that's in order.

Congratulations on upgrading without spending a cent ;-)
The amps were manufactured in 1978, and I have had them since 1993. I'm not sure if the caps are original, but judging by the screws on the casing, they have been opened for some reason. Also, these amps have additional Boothroyd-Stuart designed, approved and distributor built outboard capacitors (2 10,000mf 63v per channel) in addition to the inboard caps. I'm just concerned about current capacity, a problem that the PS Audio with their 24 caps per amp and huge-ass transformer don't have.
I love the UK audio stuff. UK and USA equipment make up 95% of my two systems.
These are excellant amps. Capaciters don't like to sit unused and there can be some degradation but if you like how they sound then go for it. Also, don't be so worried about power. If your speakers are not clipping then this might not be too mush of a worry.

I would, however, not leave them on unattended until you are sure they won't overheat.
Those Brits also make nice subs...REL is incredible.
Great post some would say brit equipment sucks. Personally MF and B&W rock together.
British equipment is incredible. I also have a Meridian 201 preamp, 602 transport and 606 D/A converter. They are not only great sounding, but also beautiful designs. Oh yeah... also a pair of Cyrus 781 speakers. And a Rega Planar turntable. If I had the $$$$ to buy a 598 DVD player, I would not hesitate.
And two pairs of B&W LM1 for surround sound...
Solution for my dilemma! I'm bi-amping; PS Audio for the lows, Meridian for the mid & high. Now, I need a good active crossover....