Thiel CS 2.2 or B&W 804N

Like vintage speakers. Which do you prefer and why?
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I have CS 2.2s and may switch to BW 804N-thoughts? McIntosh MC206 200 wt/am and McIntosh preamp
I listened to a pair of B&W 804N's recently and must say I was extremely impressed. Huge soundstage while still staying extremely articulate. I owned the earlier Thiel CS 2's and while I enjoyed them, they were a bit too narrow in the sweet spot for my tastes. Both are excellent speakers though with the 804N's being at least 15 years newer (than the Thiels) that's another reason I'd go with the B&Ws as crossover design and driver technology has improved greatly over the years. Just my .02 cents...
I prefer the Thiels over the B&W's. YMMV.
I have not heard the 804's but I did own the 1.5, 2.2 and 2.3. The 2.2 were my favorite, didn't like the sound of the dynamic drivers.

I also prefer Thiel over B&W.