Thiel 2.4 & Theta Dreadnaught II combination Pre-A

I just bought Thiel 2.4. After looking at some of the reviews, I think I will go with Theta Dreadnaught II for my stereo amp. Any suggestion for pre-amp, I like the sound of tubes, and also consider the VTL 5.5.
I heard Thiel is good for tube pre and SS amp combination.
Price range is $4000.

i heard them with the vtl 5.5 and they sounded great but at that price range you might want to try the first sound audio line stage mark II one of the best tube pre amp i heard try their website
enjoy the music leo
First Sound comes in right under your budget. No remote, but great sound. That's what I use with 2.4's and SS amplification.
Great speaker/amp combination! I have 3.6's with Enterprises, and I believe that Thiel and Theta go great together. I have read good things about the VTL, but have not heard it. However, my thought would be to go with an Audio Research pre. I have heard these with Thiels, and they are a very good match.

Thanks for the info guys. But I find it hard to find a First Sound dealer in New England area. I have to give them a call. However, there is a dealer that sells both Theta and Audio Research. I might give them a try.
Just curious Tombowlus, what do you have for pre-amp, if you don't mind me asking.
My current preamp is a Rotel RSP-1066. However, it too will fall to my most recent case of upgraditis. If I go the pre/pro route (which I likely will), I am looking at either a Krell HTS 7.1 or Theta CasablancaIII. But I might stick with the Rotel and add a good 2-channel pre, in which case I would get an Audio Research (not sure which model yet).