Theta Gen Va upgrade to Gen VIII

Has anyone heard the Gen VIII? How does it compare to the Gen Va? What is the cost to upgrade a Gen Va to a Gen VIII?
It's a whole different animal and the cost is around $7,000
I own a theta Gen Va and love it but I do want to get the very best out of it without spending a ridiculous $7,000 for an upgrade to the Gen. VIII. I already had the unit upgraded to 24/96. Are there any other upgrades you know of to this unit to improve the sound without spending mega bucks.
How about providing clean power to the unit, if you've not already done so. I've had great success with the JPS Digital AC used on my transport.
i'm kicking it real old school with a theta DSPro gen III and theta data II transport. around 1992/1993 equipment.

being this gear was a gift from a friend and i don't exactly have money flying out of my, get the picture ;-)

is there a upgrade to say, gen Va or something? i like the sound presently, but am always up for an improvement. is the gen Va a totally different circuit board, or just upgraded processors and dacs? if so, can i buy the necessary components and solder them on myself? this equipment is so old now, that i'm not all that worried about having a skilled friend do the work - and not theta.

sorry to "go a little off topic, but this is a related question. you want the gen VIII, i just want you presently have (gen Va).