Theta or Bryston amps

I am hip deep in my new system and the time is rapidly approaching where I have to decide on amplification. Currently the contenders are Bryston and Theta. I intend to have a full 5.1 system so the Theta Dreadnaught 2 and a combination of Bryston 4Bsst and 6Bsst amps are being considered. My speakers are Thiel CS2.4's for mains and Thiels for center and surround. Pre/pro will be a Bryston Sp1.7.

I will absolutely be purchasing new from my dealer so the 20 vs 5 year warranty isn't of primary concern. What I am interested in is any commentary from those who are familiar with the amps and possibly these amps with Thiel's. I have seen posts that indicated Bryston would be overly bright with Thiels and those who swear that they are a dead perfect combination. My dealer thinks that this could be the combination of the older ST series of amps and/or older Thiel's which were noticably brighter than the new generation.

I use Bryston 9B/7B combo with Thiel 2.3s and an MCS center, and I certainly don't find the system too bright.

The only thing I dislike about the Bryston in the darn EU-compliant output terminals....they don't work well with spades. But you can always cut off the spade and use bare wire...
I agree with Rsuminsby on the Bryston compatibility with Thiels. However, Richard Hardesty of the Audio Perfectionist, if it matters, thinks very highly of Theta's amps for virtually any application. May your ears decide if you can audition side by side under fairly controlled conditions and with music you enjoy.
I am in a similar boat, except that I have CS3.6's for my mains. Bryston and Theta are certainly on my short list. Two other amps that you might want to throw into the mix (if your dealer sells them) are Krell and McCormack (which would be the most affordable of all of the above).

Let us know what sounds best to you. I am hoping in the near future to take my CS3.6's down to a dealer that sells Theta, Krell, McCormack, Spectral, and several others (but no Bryston, unfortunately).

You will love the Theta's amps they are awesome!