Theta Pearl uses spdif re-clocker?

Hi All,

I recently acquired a used Theta Pearl transport from a 1st owner (no manual). Took a peek inside and saw some Motorola chips (flip-flops?) around the 16.9Mhz crystal (the small spdif pcb has its own small power transformer feeding it). There are also two spdif pulse transformers, I assume one for the coaxial out and the other for the balanced out. BTW, all filter caps in the spdif supply and board are Nichicon Muse. BTW, this is stock with the Pearl.

Now the question is, is this a "re-clocker circuit" similar to TentLabs X03 module? I am no techie, and am only aware that "high performance clocks" and "re-clockers" differ technically (e.g., diy Kwak Clock and Kwak ASRC).

Thanks for any comments.