The "Stones" USA collection series

Are these hybrid sacd or just the old '94 re-masters in new packaging? One guy on Amazon said that they were just repackaged. These are "new" releases (2005), which chronologically start after "Let it Bleed",(the batch of Hybrid sacd's that Abkco put out) "Exile", "Sticky Finger" etc. They are packaged in black sleeves with the tongue logo on it.
They are just "repackaged", not re-mastered. There was actually a rep making a sales call in-store on the day they were released, who was able to answer the question for me.

I saw that too, and was wondering what it was. It's not even mentioned on the Abkco site.
Yup, just repackaged. The Virgin remasters sound very nice, so if you don't have them, they're well worth picking up.