The most transparent speaker cable

Gentlemen, I've been trying already for three cables in my system and none has all of the qualities I'm looking for in one. Can anyone recommend me the speaker cable which will be the most transparent with best detailing, not harsh and not muddy with the deepest bass and beautiful transients?

I've tried Revelation Audio Labs, Oyaide FF-20 V2 and Russian noname solid core AC in-wall cable. Today I'm gonna test the AR solid core but I doubt it will win. What I like in solid core cables is that they giving me the best and coherent bass I heard but at a price of the transparency. Of all three, the most transparent however was the Russian noname solid core AC in-wall cable but it lacks the bass slam and finesse.
Some recommend me to try as a speaker cable the Mundorf MConnect Metallfolie...
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These are the best I've found in 40 years in the hobby.

Return of the Legend Speaker Cables
• $4,995.00 / 10ft pair: 7000s-HF
• $4,995.00 / 10ft pair bi-wire options: 7000s-LF, 7000s-SLF
• Choice of gold plated banana plugs or spade lugs
eniac26 is almost right. I posted some time ago about UP-OCC copper solid core teflon wire. Let me dig out the post...
Here it is:
My favorites are Transparent Reference Speaker cable (calibrated to your amp & speakers) and Shunyata Anaconda. Both of these are very revealing of anything upstream.

Of the two, the Transparent sounds the most musical to my ear: tight defined bass with clean attack and natural decays & tone, great highs without harshness, spacious natural soundstage, and the best midrange I have heard in my system. They are also a lot more expensive than the Anacondas, which I think are one of the great bargains in speaker cables.

The Anaconda has sharper transients (not harsh, just have a faster attack and shorter decay than the Transparents) and more "slam." Midrange is very close to Transparent's but not quite as revealing to my ear. Very fluid pacing and tight bass definition.

Having said all that, both are excellent SC's in my experience. YMMV.
As above;
Thanks! for sharing- melbguy1.
The Jorma is on my must demo list as well. I do not know where to audition here in the USA?
Excellent points all around guys. We all own different systems and prefer different expectations from them.  I want it all- detail, resolution, air, decay of notes, timbre and dynamics, just to mention a few characteristics.

Happy Listening!