The best TT system for under 30K

Hi agoners! 

I have been floored by Kuzma Stabi XL DC with 4 points TA on a recent audition. It was extremely analog sounding, insane details with speed, beat and clarity that made me wonder if I am listening to a live concert, just can’t help my toe tapping. Was comparing the sound to the top of the line Accuphase CD player with the same rest of system and it was no contest. 

Switching from Accuphase CD player to Kuzma XL DC was sounding like adding a pair of subwoofer and going up 2-3 levels on the rest of the system. Mind you the rest of the system was Accuphase E-650 class A integrated that should favor the Accuphase same brand CD player but that wasn’t the case. The speaker was Kerr Acoustics K300 under 10K entry level bookshelf and the sound of the entire entry level system armed with Kuzma XL DC beat the hell out of the entire super high end system the dealer has on the other listening room with Avalon PM3 speakers, Accuphase A-250 monos, Audionet Stern Preamp with Accuphase CD player. 

However obviously I cannot afford the whole set of Kuzma XL DC considering I am also in the process of upgrading my existing system. What will be the closest contender in the US$30.000 retail price range that has the same sonic signature as Kuzma XL DC? 

Thanks in advance for any advices!!
Dear @uwiikz :  Good that him is ok.

""  If you attend to a MUSIC live event ( example only. ) where you are seated at near field position and listen to put attention that that MUSIC performance at real SPL is: agressive, brigthness, extremely fast transients, full of power, extreme dynamics, transparent with natural color, very well balanced , even some times a horn we can listen its hardness, timing and full of emotions.   "

I posted that because at " near field " position is whre recording microphones are seated and that kind of sound is what pick-up and in our room/system listening to the digital or analog alternative our main target should be to stay nearer to the recording, that's what even far away is the only way to approach live MUSIC.

That's is my room/system target but almost any single audiophile has his own targets.

Hi all, 
I am back! My dad condition dropped for a couple of days then getting better again. He is very stable already for the past week or so and we are not worried at all. I have to admit to overcome my stresses I tend to go wild on upgrades and while taking care of my dad I also managed to stole some times and got some more upgrades: 
custom teak cabinet and full teak furniture upgrades, big rug on floor both combined made a huge difference on acoustic, Franco Serblin Ktema speakers I fell in love on first audition in my room so it stays. Almost full Siltech Signature line cables everywhere (the rest are Shunyata Sigma, Acrolink Mexcell but will be replaced by Siltech in steps) thanks to @bvdiman a fellow member here from same city as me whom I chat with daily now, Jadis DPMC Phono stage (demo will be replaced by Jadis JPS3 today), Miyajima Step Up Transformer, Torus AVR16 power conditioner. 
The problem now is, after I put my Kuzma on steroids with the addition of external Phono and SUT my digital front end with Mola Mola Tambaqui sounds like mini compo radio compared to the Kuzma. What to do oh what to do 😅

Just looked at your room, beautiful analog setup. I absolutely loved the Franco Serblin Ktema speakers...are you bi-wiring them with E-650/A-250? 
Thanks for the compliment, I finally am on the right track. @bvdiman has been a great mentor and has helped me many times in avoiding costly mistakes. It’s time to attack my digital front end now. 
Ktema is not bi-wire able, I bypassed the power on the E-650. It is so freaking amazing, I can make it sterile or romantic depending on setup, very very transparent but retains old SF signature. I love it but I am still eager to listen to Kerr K100 if the dealer finally decides to stock one.
Considering Lampizator GG2 for DAC and Aries Cerat Talos Signature for phono. Home auditioning Jadis JS3 phono right now, it very nice but too revealing and unforgiving for me, all the imperfections on my vinyl pressing are being voiced loudly, I now really have to choose my Vinyl carefully because what sounded good before using JS3 is now sounding dirty on JS 3 (only on certain less than perfect recordings). Paying slightly more than Jadis JS3 I can get Aries Cerat Talos Signature.... make sense?