The best TT system for under 30K

Hi agoners! 

I have been floored by Kuzma Stabi XL DC with 4 points TA on a recent audition. It was extremely analog sounding, insane details with speed, beat and clarity that made me wonder if I am listening to a live concert, just can’t help my toe tapping. Was comparing the sound to the top of the line Accuphase CD player with the same rest of system and it was no contest. 

Switching from Accuphase CD player to Kuzma XL DC was sounding like adding a pair of subwoofer and going up 2-3 levels on the rest of the system. Mind you the rest of the system was Accuphase E-650 class A integrated that should favor the Accuphase same brand CD player but that wasn’t the case. The speaker was Kerr Acoustics K300 under 10K entry level bookshelf and the sound of the entire entry level system armed with Kuzma XL DC beat the hell out of the entire super high end system the dealer has on the other listening room with Avalon PM3 speakers, Accuphase A-250 monos, Audionet Stern Preamp with Accuphase CD player. 

However obviously I cannot afford the whole set of Kuzma XL DC considering I am also in the process of upgrading my existing system. What will be the closest contender in the US$30.000 retail price range that has the same sonic signature as Kuzma XL DC? 

Thanks in advance for any advices!!
Raul, I do not think that a newcomer to the hobby should have to worry about whether or not the cartridge he received is ’as advertised’. The OP is obviously not short of a few dollars, and he can afford to let others worry about that. It’s a cost-convenience tradeoff, with knowledge tipping the scale towards one side or the other. Personally, I would only go with a trusted source - but to date I have only bought new.

As for US cleaning, I clearly stated that I US all records, new, NOS, or used, because of contaminants which can be observed on some of them, even new in plastic. Further, after playing a record for a few years, I clean it again. Don’t get enough grunge off to detect it, but I don’t want to risk my stylus.

Obviously, you disagree. Fine. Enjoy.
Terry : I said " old records " because you refered to that " grunge " that does not " comes " in the new ones and that’s all.

As for used or new cartridges these are two options as other audio options: tube or SS, BD or DD, LT or pivoted.
You go for new only good noproblem about but I think that trying to desqualify or dimish the other alternative is only a " limitation " and this is your audio way of life and that’s why I understand your attitude.

Never mind, it’s not something to " live or die " for.


PS: That Windfeld could be a challenge for your Kotsu too and only 1.5K. I'm not looking for a cartridge for me if not I bougth it with out doubt. Yes, this is me.
Can’t go wrong with a Lyra Delos around $2K. If you end up buying a turntable from Upscale Audio you can buy the Delos with it for around $1.4k. If you like it there are 3 Lyra models up the ladder. The Kleos $3.7k The Etna $9k The Atlas $12k
The discounts also apply to them and all other carts they sell.
No affiliation just a satisfied customer of a recent VPI and Lyra Kleos.
Yeah, Nagaoka M-500, Audio Note Io and a few Soundsmith cartridges might be just fine to begin with before jumping to Koetsu or other expensive MCs..

May I recommend some cartridge under $1500 :
-dynavector 20x2L
-audio technica ART-9
-Hana ML
-Zu denon 103