The AC fuse keeps blowing on my amp. Help

I have a Cary SLI-80 integrated tube amp that I just got back from the repair shop after someone dropped it during shipping. I used it for about 3 days w/o any fuse problems before it went in for repairs and the repairs were to a broken speaker post and the triode/ultralinear switches. They also replace a few capacitors(?) to cure a volume imbalance and a hum in the right speaker. Everything works great now but only for about an hour then the AC fuse blows. The manual suggests a possible short in the rectifiers but I have no replacements. (nor can I find any CV-729's) Also, I noticed while switching fuses that they were 2.5A 250v fuses and the manual calls for 3A 250v. Could this extra 0.5A be the problem? or should I be going back to the shop? I am reluctant on the latter as it took them 2 months!! to do the last repair job. Any ideas? I recently moved but have an ultimate outlet between the amp and the wall so I don't imagine it is the AC. Thanks for your help.
In this case, the simplest idea may be the best. That is, call up Cary and talk to them. While there are misprints in manuals, finding out what works best is a phone call away. For that matter, i'm sure that Cary would have repaired your unit and had it back to you in less time ( including transit time ) and performed upgrades for what you spent getting it repaired locally. Shipping might have been higher but then again, how much is it worth to have your unit back sooner with peace of mind ? Sean
Agree with Sean. Call Cary and ask to speak with Kirk, he is the technical support person for Cary. The last time I took a preamp over to have it checked out, he was available for customer-related calls between 1 and 5 (eastern). Great to work with and talk to, always been a pleasant experience and very helpful. The number is (919) 355-0010. Bob
Thanks. I'm going to try the fuses and if that doesn't work I'll call Kirk. Thanks for the lead.
While your are at it, be careful. Fuses are there for a reason!
Yeah, a friend of mine replaced the fuse in her SS amp and the guy who sold the replacement gave her one of higher amp rating saying it will work fine and fried the amp. Someone else who used to work at Radio Shack suggested using a piece of a nail nail!! and he was a manager. Yikes!
OKay, new information. I replaced the fuses and adjusted the bias and everything seemed good but then it blew again but this time I saw a flash from one of the rectifier tubes. I guess this is the problem but can anyone confirm?
Turned out to be the rectifiers!!