The Absurdity of it All

50-60-70 year old ears stating with certainty that what they hear is proof positive of the efficacy of analog, uber-cables, your favorite latest and greatest audio "advancement." How many rock concerts under the bridge? Did we ever wear ear protection with our chain saws? Believe what you will, but hearing degrades with age and use and abuse. To pontificate authority while relying on damaged goods is akin to the 65 year old golfer believing his new $300 putter is going to improve his game. And his game MAY get better, but it is the belief that matters. Everything matters, but the brain matters the most.

to paraphrase Jerry, 'if it sounds good it'll sound better loud..'

smoking some of your favorite strain also helps
  No since in you getting new glasses  the pair you have is good enough  
  basically that's what you said   
 let's get that right 
This platform seems to have been taken over by those feeling the need for self-aggrandizement rather than providing sought after help. A person should be made to feel comfortable asking a difficult or complex question and not humiliated simply because they do not ask a question correctly, phrase it properly or just do not know how to articulate their issue.
Making this a professional and courteous platform by reaching out to others with civility and sensitivity instead of making a person who is asking for information feel feel discredited or ridiculed. There is a lot of talent here. It would be great if we could actually help each other instead of using this medium for jabs, cutesy comments or to elevate our own self-worth.
Hearing varies from person to person. Thats a given. My hearing, like my sense of smell, taste, vision, touch they all vary day to day. Does your morning coffee/tea/vodka taste the same every day?

I maintain a fairly regular and stable diet. Don't drink or partake in the MJ. Some days, my set up sounds absolutely amazing.

Other days, I wonder what the hell am I doing with this stuff, it sucks! Its dull, lifeless, zero depth. Everything has to go. Gotta start from scratch.

Then, after I remove the IEM's I forgot about, everything is right in the world again :)

We are organic, not digital or analog. Our senses are not constants in the universe, they vary.

Perhaps, tweaks/adjustments/components should only be critically listened to on the days when our hearing is at its best. But I suspect its like a leaky roof. Not going out there in the rain to fix it, and when it's sunny, who wants to fix the roof when you can just bask in the sunlight.

Or great sound....
If anyone relies on anyone on this thread about what sounds best, you are a fool. You lack the spine to think for yourself. Most people who throw many years about how long they have been listening or, buying music is just their own opinion in what they hear. It doesn’t mean that they are right or wrong. It’s typically a generational gap. As time changes, so does music. If you don’t think so, then you are a bigger fool than I thought. Your arrogance is truly  noted. You can educate without being arrogant. I’m sure it’s hard for some to do but if you truly care about what we call a hobby or an enthusiast, try harder to be understanding because what you listen to 10, 20, 30, or even 40 years ago was produced for those years and definitely sound different. I myself listen to all types of music without any stereotypes because I truly understand how and why music was produced back then as well as now. During those times, it was known that the musicians would go for a specific type of sound and of course audio equipment was geared towards the type of sound during those generations. I definitely don’t pass judgment in regards to what type of music sounds better. That is so arrogant and quiet frankly self centered with the lack of ability to be a sprung. Do you honestly think that the teenager or that young adolescent is listening to you? Trust me they are not and it is due to how you speak with them. At the end of the day buy the gear that sounds best to you with the type of music you prefer to listen to. Don’t be suckered based on what people say. I’ve been to some of the well noted HiFi stores and shows across the world. I probably represent the 5-10% that has done that, and no, I’m not an editor for some magazine. I’m just a person who truly enjoys music weather it is a live concert, studio master recordings, DJ, or digitally synthesis. These stores use the same old pitch that what they sell is the best, lol. Apparently they all went to the same school of thought for how to sell a hi-end product, and yes most of them are of middle to late in age. Last advice, let your ears be your voice on what you hear, like or dislike not the folks including myself on this site. What you will get from me at the end of the day is truth and painful honesty, not forced down your throat opinions. 
Enjoy the music o your system and let it moves your soul as mine does!
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