The Absurdity of it All

50-60-70 year old ears stating with certainty that what they hear is proof positive of the efficacy of analog, uber-cables, your favorite latest and greatest audio "advancement." How many rock concerts under the bridge? Did we ever wear ear protection with our chain saws? Believe what you will, but hearing degrades with age and use and abuse. To pontificate authority while relying on damaged goods is akin to the 65 year old golfer believing his new $300 putter is going to improve his game. And his game MAY get better, but it is the belief that matters. Everything matters, but the brain matters the most.

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This platform seems to have been taken over by those feeling the need for self-aggrandizement rather than providing sought after help. A person should be made to feel comfortable asking a difficult or complex question and not humiliated simply because they do not ask a question correctly, phrase it properly or just do not know how to articulate their issue.
Making this a professional and courteous platform by reaching out to others with civility and sensitivity instead of making a person who is asking for information feel feel discredited or ridiculed. There is a lot of talent here. It would be great if we could actually help each other instead of using this medium for jabs, cutesy comments or to elevate our own self-worth.
For those who contend that we only need to rely on our ears - If that is the case, why would we need Audiogon or any other hobbyists forum.  We need it as a source of information or to validate our own thinking.  What we don't need is someone preaching to us or trying to make us look foolish in front of those we look to for help.
I'm giving up. Other HELP forums have not digress to this communications style. I leave you with it.
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