Tekton versus Klipsch


I am exploring tube amp friendly speakers.

I have listened to Cornwall 4's and Goldenear 2's.

Can anyone share how the sound of the Tektons, say Double Impacts, would compare to the other two brands?

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dsper, sorry, I posted the above before seeing page 2.  So I didn't realize you bought the Forte IVs.  I'm also interested in those so have read a bit about them.  Bass response/extension seems to be somewhat of a question and placement is critical for that.  See this review - 



I like the sound of the Forte iv's except for that high volume treble...

I can turn the Thiels way up and never know it - no distortion.

With the Forte's, something is just not right. Not sure if it is my amplification or that the Forte's would benefit from improved crossover parts like the Cornwalls are reputed to do.

Thinking about trying a First Watt F7 amp and then maybe a crossover upgrade; or vice versa. At lower volumes the Fortes are good so it is not the sound of the horns that is bothering me. Fortes definitely have better dynamics than the Thiels.

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I own Tekton DIs and have been happy with them, had them for about 3-4 years. I haven't experienced a lot of speakers but have owned Alon IIs, Divas, Maggie 3.6 (I think) and some bookshelf SVSs. This is totally subjective of course but the Tektons are my 2nd favorite speaker I've owned and they are my current speakers.

I think they do a lot of things well--probably the thing I like the most about them is they fill the room with sound--I feel immersed in it which none of the other speakers quite did. But interestingly enough I find myself looking to buy some new speakers, try to step up and have been thinking about Klipsch Heresy speakers, but it's just a thought at this point, haven't heard any but am going to see what I can find this weekend.

BTW, I like the look of the DIs, but I've always been a little warped.

My Klipsch Heresy IIIs are amazing...makes me wonder if they imbued the "Capitol Records 75th Anniversary" version with some extra mojo (doubtful), but I tried the Heresy IVs well into break-in and they had upper mid frequency anomalies that irked me (you don't wanna be irked by specific upper mid piano roar) and I sold them along. The IIIs have a far more complex titanium diaphragm loaded mid horn (the IVs just stick the polyamide driver right on the mid horn opening with a small cloth cover, the IIIs have a much more convoluted horn loading...and I like it...) that could be the key benefit here, and having recently added a Pass XA25 to the system, well, it's friggin' mind blowingly good. 2 REL subs are already there, but the Schiit Freya/XA25 combo seems unbeatable with the Heresy IIIs for my tastes resulting in a vacation for my trusty SEP tube Dennis Had Firebottle...note also how innocuous the Heresy speakers size is relative to the coherent and gigantic sound they put out.