Tannoy, PMC or Monitor Audio,

Hi all!

Have someone listened to these speakers:
-Tannoy Revolution Signature DC6 T
-Monitor Audio GS20

I sold my PMC GB1 recently and i did love the bass, did not go incredibly low, but it was tight and controlled and punchy.

And i really lika a punchy sound.
I have no experience with the other two speakers but have a fair bit of experience with PMC speakers. I don't think you'll get a massive upgrade going from the GB1 to GB1i. The bass on the GB1 won't go too low due to the smallish drivers. If there is chance, try the OB1. This is the speaker that will give you everything from top to bottom and will sound punchy with the right amplification.

I've listened to Monitor Audio Silver series speakers and they don't sound too punchy -rather lightweight.
Thanks Ryder,

Yes im also interssted in OB1 and MA GS60. So i guess i have to try them also.

Ryder have you listened to both, OB1 and OB1i?
Btw does everyone like the PMC "i" series more than the previous (GB1, FB1+ and OB1)?
I have listened to OB1 and IB1 but have not tried the new "i" series. Having talked to the PMC dealer, the "i" series does offer a bit of improvement to the old series in terms of refinement but the changes will not be day and night. I don't think there are many people who own the "i" series yet so I don't know if they prefer these more than the older version. It is best that you can listen to them personally. Frankly speaking, I won't expect huge improvements going up to the "i" series with the new Sonolex tweeter and designed bass driver. If one is looking for a punchy sound, deeper bass with greater presence, larger speakers with bigger drivers will be necessary for a big change. I know because I have demoed the LB1 "Classic" and the new improved LB1 Signature(with upgrades in crossover and parts) side by side -the sonic differences between the two are very subtle to the point of negligible.

The OB1 is 2X heavier than the GB1 by the way so you can imagine the "weight" of the sound the former will have in comparison to the latter.
And i really lika a punchy sound.

PMC seems a good choice. A TL design gives you bass extension and PMC tend to go for low system Q so you still have "punch" or good transient response. At your price point there is probably not much that competes. The only danger with TL is that you can lose some of the lower mid range clarity but honestly for your tastes the benefits far far outweigh this disadvantage.