Tannoy Arundel

Hi all,
I just bought Tannoy Arundel loudspeakers.It use 15"dual-concentric 15" drive .How do I place them to right postion? They need toe-in?
There is a lot of information available online regarding formulas for correct speaker placement so don't try to reinvent the wheel. That said, if you have a proper room for speaker placement, you don't want to toe in the speakers. That will prevent proper stereo imaging and the ability of the speakers to "disappear".
The more you toe in a speaker, up until the point that it is pointed directly at your "listening position", the more your ears/brain can localize where the speaker is located. The result is that the soundstage width and depth is destroyed. Probably height as well. BTW, I have chosen Tannoys for both my HT and my stereo room. These are a no-brainer for me and only Quads would be an acceptable replacement. I own them as well.

Hello again, James. Much depends on your room, of course. In my situation I'm using my 12" HPD's in a room 16' X 34' w/cathedral ceilings.

My speakers are about 54" from the wall, positioned along the short wall, driving the long part of the room. They are toed-in so the centers are aimed so they meet at my shoulders, my listening position is 108" from the speaker fronts. Speakers are 54" from the side walls, measured to the center of each driver.

Tannoys have been used in many different room conditions and configurations successfully, feel free to experiment.

They say to cross them in front of you which works but I preferred to aim them slightly away from my shoulders. One of the easiest speakers to set up IMHO.
Everybody, I deeply appreciate all of your insights!
When I toe-in speakers to aim to listening postiopn,the sound is very bright and soundstage becomes smaller.
I'm glad that you found my post useful! Here's another tip: Stands are recommend for more than 1 reason and are pretty much the way to go but also try them on the floor and lean them back to where they are more or less the same degree off vertical axis to the " listening position" as they are off of the horizontal axis to the listening position. Bass response will be better but may not be as flat. It's never going to be flat anyway and a more correct way to say it is that it may be "boomy" and/or "muddy" the much cherished midrange. The speakers will acoustically couple better with the room though. This position with speaker and room correction added will be about as good as it gets in a normal to small sized room but this is just my opinion and other factors can and will make a difference too.

Mrpresident,thanks for your opinions.
Tannoy is good speakers and need you to adjust carefully.