Is Tannoy whole speaker line a must have? Whats comparable to their reference speakers? Looking to spend $4k on some speakers any recommendations?
I owned the DC10T and Churchill replicas. The former=modern, the latter=vintage. Wish I could post pics as I have one of them side by side. PM me and I can send. There are many reviews etc you could track down. I will say the vintage models run great on tubes, most owners do that. The DC10T need loads of ss power to really sing. And sing they could, jeepers. They can thunder. 

They have a very distinctive sound, as they're all (most) essentially 2 ways. I happen to love their sound. Careful amp matching and placement is important for them, that's for sure. Not sure what else sounds like them. Maybe Zu is the closest. Maybe Devore. They're pretty unique.  
I have the Tannoy Kensington GR that is the best bang for the buck IMHO. Never liked any speakers that is cost double the MSRP. They do have a unique signature sound that is unlike other speakers. Sorry, but I disagree that they sound like any other speakers. Specially Zu.

The F8's, great sound, great value.
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