Tandberg 3015 A CD Player

I love this "old school" cd player. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding a universal remote that would work with Tandberg produces of this era?
Contact Soundsmith at http://www.sound-smith.com/ He does a lot of work on Tandberg gear.
Thanks Ferrari, I'll give him a call and let you know what he says.
Any philips or magnavox
Thanks Coffeey. It worked!
You can try the philips cd remote
My kids gave me a Logitech universal programable remote a couple of years ago. It is amazing and handles all my equipment including the Tandberg 3015.
What is the model number of your universal Logitech remote that works with your Tandberg 3015?

It's called a Harmony One. Can't find any other model number on it. Check the Logitech site.