Talon Audio Peregrine vs Sonus Faber Amati Homage

Has anyone had the chance to hear these two great speakers? I think ( my chech book agrees )the Pereegeine sounds as good as the $$$ Homage.
Do you mean the new Peregrine X? Or are you referring to the "original" Peregrine model. I ask because my (admittedly) second-hand understanding is that the Peregrine X is really an excellent speaker for the price, and would probably break the dead-heat between the original Peregrine and the Amati Homage.
I replaced a pair of B&W Nautilus 802's with a pair of the original Peregrines. IMO, I got a better sounding pair of speakers and put some coin back in the bank. I listened to both the originals and the new X and found them too similar to justify the additional cost. I'm running them with an Electrocompaniet EC 4.7 preamp driving an Electrocompaniet AW 250 DMB amplifier, so my electronics are certainly up to the task of driving many very good speakers on the market. I love the sound that Sonus Faber achieves with many of their speakers regardless of price, but the Peregrines are something else entirely in my system. What would you be driving either pair with in your system? I think your components would have a serious influence on anyone's recommendation, so I suggest you let us all know before you get an uninformed opinion that may lead you down the wrong road.