Talon Raven: Anyone listened to it.


Has anyone listened to the new Talon Raven? I am not too familiar with this company's performance history (but the Roc an Khorus appear to be praised) and would like to know more about the quality of this new speaker. I am wondering if I should reconsider my recent decission to move forward in purchasing a pair of Proacs (haven't bought yet). Thanks.
To follow up, I would be using a Levinson 380S preamp and am pending acquisition of a Moon W5. No plans to use tubes. I mostly listen to all kinds of jazz and contemporary pop/rock and want detail but no fatique. So far, the Proacs have sounded nice, but this Talon certainly looks interesting but could it be worth the almost 7K?
I have had a pair of Ravens on the showroom floor for
almost 6 weeks now and they are very close to the Khorus X and a match to the Peregrine X.

All the Talon speakers have the same sonic signature which is a speaker you can listen to any type of music for hours and never be fatiqued. They have wonderful top to bottom extension with a very deep and wide soundstage.

The Talon's do not like to be close to the back wall this is a rear ported speaker so take that into consideration.

The new finishes on all the Talon speakers is amazing. Realize that if you get the speaker in matt black the retail price is $6000 and you will be have a very difficult time finding any speaker that is this good, goes down to 19, is beautifully built, and looks great at such a reasonable price point.

I twill work great with your equipment. At this time I am running the Raven with the Magnum Dynalab 208 receiver and it is an excellent match. I also run it with the Red Rose tube integrated amp and it sparkles with them both.