Takman Rey Metal Resistors

They sure ain't <<El Rey>> for nothing.
You can take your amps/preamps to your tech geek, tell him you want Takman Rey Metal.
I just placed a pair in my Jadis DPL, man O man.
WOW factor HIGH.
Musica like you ain't never heard it before.
You can read the topic over at DIY.
Raichard is going to swap out all jadis NOS res for Takman REY over the next 2 months.
1 pair at a time he says.

They certainly are affordable. What makes them different and special?
You can read all my posts over at DIY: Vishay Zfoils vs Takman Rey
Just briefly
Takman Rey perform exactly as described by the lab.
= pure, clear, non coloring, musical.


Just installed a  pair of 1.8k Rey
I can now hear every word Elvis Costello sings , clear, pure , opem. 
The sound is more quiet and relaxed as if the music is floating on ait. Allan Pettersson's 15th sym, WOW, can hear details not heard pre Rey res.
Richard has ,,ohhh about another 20 res to swap out,,Don't get me wrong, the stock res Jadis installed 20 yrs ago, well served their purpose for that magical Jadis sound,,But their stock metal composites are no match for Takman Rey.

Richard just installed more Takman Rey's in the DPL, these latest yesterday were like WOW factor super high,,,completely opened up all upgrades,, descrete opamsp, mundorf caps, navships wires, Svet 6550, Tele tubes now all are singing storng and clear,,all thanks to these latest, i think a  quad of 430k Takmans' Rey in the DPL,, = Nota  minor nuance, = super upgrade, i'd even go far as to say a  <<<modification>> 
Jadis's stock 20 yr old metal oxide may have been the best for Jadis wayyy back pre 2000, but now with Takman's latest tech advances using new metals in the Rey's,, wow factor high,,,Then we also installed a pair of  Sparkos-Labs dual ops in the Shanling,,, wow, as i say,, w'o the lest res going in, the wow factor would only be a nuamnce,, now all upgrades are working in UNISON, as a  team,, taking my system to near Mt Everest peaks,, we have more res going in the DLP, next week, and 8 more Sparkos-Labs single Descrete ops going in next week,,then I may go ahead and buy a pair of Supreme EVO SGO 8.2 caps for swapping out the EVO 8.2 SGO on the Thors xovers,,, 
Then we might move on to swapping out res in the Defy to Rey's,, I have 12 Rey's in the tube power grid on the Defy,,, 
I have absoluetly no idea how high this resolution can acheive.
Not sure Richard will make the swaps in the Defy,,as the board has to come off, = time /labor,,and Richard does not like to do sloppy snip/solder lead type work....
we will see, 
But again 
BREAKING NEWS>>>> Rey's are  stunning in their voicing of the frequences. 
Took Jadis to another plane of high fidelity, 
The Defy w/o all the upgrades = just your average Jadis sound,, vs  with upgrades, Jadis Super Star.

More to come.....

You certainly practice very creative spelling...
i'm from new orleans, gotta excuse our style down here in swampland,,btw we don't come here for studies in lingistics/rhetoric skills, 
Our only purpose for posting on audiogon is to take all things high fidelity to ,,wel, beyond the 21stC. 
Which is why i expose all snakeoil and am willing to experiment with $$$$ projects,, like my Zfoil Res disaster = $550 loss.
But these Takman's are worth their weight in pure Rothchild Gold.
Nice day yall
high fidelity guy
new orleans
Every time Richard adds new Takman; Rey replacing Jadis stock metal oxide res , the sound opens up with more nuances/details not heard previously...., He changes 4 out at a time, We have 4 more to go + another  4 which he says are in <<power supply>> and will not makea dif,,I plan to have power supply also changed to Rey’s, I’ll test out his opinion that power res have zero influence in sonic voicing.
Takman Rey’s are truly king of resistors.
The composite is
nickle, chromium, aluminum
They completely blow out the water Jadis’ stock resistots,,
If you are a owner of any Jadis units,,I strongly suggest you get rid of Jadis’ stock res(as good as they are, Takman’s easily outperforms) and go Rey’s.