Tacky paint on back of Martin Logan Sequel II

I find that the black paint on the back of the cabinet has become slightly tacky. Does anyone know what, or , better yet, how to remedy?
ML had a bad batch of paint I guess -- you should certainly call them -- I'm sure other owners of the same vintage have/had the same problem.

Well, a drying agent won't help. That's supposed to go in the paint -- if you put it ON the paint, it'll just make it run. You could try dusting it with plain talcum powder -- it will definitely work, although you might not like the way it looks.

Try going over it with a hair dryer set on high or a heat gun set on low. Test a small area. If it just need a little drying, that should do it. If it's really very tacky, you might need a few sessions.
Was it dry and then became tacky?
Is it anew speaker? Some oil based paints do take a long time to dry, but if it's a few years old, it shouild be dry by now. If they are new, I would complain to whoever you bought them from. Most industrial painters use hoigh solids quick drying paints like catalyzed polyurethanes, epoxies or polyesters, which should be dry before they leave the factory. If not, it indicates they were not mixed properly, and may never dry, or take months or years. If they are old, maybe they have been waxed, and with the warm weather, the built up wax is melting and getting sticky. (My parent's wooden rocking chair did this every summer when I was a kid). Sorry all I have is questions rather than answers, but maybe this will help start the answer process.