Syzygy sub app not responding

Hello Audiogon world.  I just updated the iOS on my iPhone 8 and now my Syzygy control app tries to load, but I only get a black screen. The phone's Bluetooth is on, and I re-downloaded the app a couple of times. I unplugged the sub, hit the reset button, etc. No dice.  I sent an email to the folks at Syzygy. Have any Syzygy owners experienced this?  I have the SLF 850 model by the way (which I love).  Thanks!
I suspect the new Apple download is not compatible until the control app is also updated.
A gentleman from Syzygy contacted me following my email query. He says they were caught off guard by the update, and a fix is coming soon. He said the sub will need a firmware update...I hope they post something on their website. Despite this, I’m very happy with my sub. 
I received an email from Syzygy with instructions on the firmware update for the sub as well as the new version of the app.  The instructions are pretty straight forward.  Make sure you have a USB jump drive to copy the file onto. You'll then plug the jump drive into the port on the bottom of your sub.  The update happens automatically.  Everything is working fine again. However, I have noticed when the sub turns on, there can be a loud thump.  Overall, Kevin at Syzygy was very helpful through this.  I LOVE the sub by the way. 
Thanks for this info. I seem to be having the same issue with Android 10.

How did you reach Syzygy?  The email on their website is invalid.

Is the firmware/steps available somewhere online?

Thanks for your time.