10 DB Matched Sine Waves Corresponding To 10 Band EQ. Will This Work For Basic Tune?

  1. Use Adobe Audition To Generate 10 DB Matched Sine Waves Corresponding To The 10 EQ Frequencies On My Headunit
  2. Measure the DB Volumes Of The 10 Different Waves Playing From Lossless Files In Car With SPL Meter App On iPhone 11
  3. Add Up The 10 Values And Divide By 10 To Get An Average
  4. Play Each Wave Again, This Time Adjusting The Headunit EQ Until The DB Reaches The Average
Will this ghetto but resourceful method increase the accuracy of my car system? What are your thoughts?
Or you could just use pink noise, and use a cheap calibrated microphone.


Use it with Audio Tools, which accepts a calibration file. You can also play test signals from Audio Tools.  Free for Android.