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After the thrill is gone
Agree with all the responses regarding Maggies. Recently tried floor-standing (floor sitting?) Klipsch Heresies. Not my cup of tea. Kept my 1.7s and sold the Klipschs. I’m quite happy with that decision.   
Punchy integrated with DAC
Thanks @hoytis.  I hadn't thought about PS Audio.  I'll do some research on that unit.   I see that Music Direct has a factory refurb Marantz PM6005 Integrated with the appropriate DAC input for $525.  I've not listened to Marantz gear in a while,... 
Thrift store bargain
@stereo5  Ha ha…Savers is where I bought the BluRay player.  I don’t go there much. Like you, I have no room for used electronics in my house, but I could not pass on this one.  
The Best Live Recordings on Youtube
@pesky_wabbitGood call.  Anything by BJM is worth watching and/or listening to.   
The Best Live Recordings on Youtube
Here are some of my favorites: Santana, Soul Sacrifice, live at Tanglewood.  The band and the audience are really feeling it. Grand Funk, Inside Looking Out, live 1969.  Super tight, three very solid players. Skip James, Crow Jane, live somewhere ... 
*WHITE PAPER* The Sound of Music - How & Why the Speaker Cable Matters
Meh...mumbo jumbo. I’d rather be listening to music, going for a walk, drinking wine, or visiting my local record store, than spending hours or days trying to prove/disprove a very subjective matter. Let your ears decide; it’s that simple.  My ear... 
Your favorite 'concept' album
I’ll echo the votes for Queensryche, including the Empire album. The Wall is also a favorite.  
Negotiate good price
This has been the best read. Thanks. US and A! High five.  
Maggies to Tekton?
Hey, thanks again everyone for your advice, comments, etc. Much appreciated. Here’s a photo of my listening/living room. Very soon, I’ll have a finished basement to equipment with audio gear. I have stuff laying around, so no sweat at all. 😀 ~ Jer... 
Maggies to Tekton?
@pure_dave, bass in my set-up is next to nothing unless I crank the bass control on my McIntosh. Even then, I wouldn’t call it powerful or dynamic. I’m talking about the Maggies without the powered subs, so maybe it’s a moot point.  My old 250 wpc... 
Maggies to Tekton?
@lpretiring, thanks for the comments. I’d like to spend less than a grand, hence my focus on the Lore Mini or Lore Reference. I’m just dipping my toe into the waters of efficient, dynamic speakers. If I had $3k or $4k to spend, the OBSpatials woul... 
Maggies to Tekton?
@david_ten, thanks for the info!   
Maggies to Tekton?
@uberwaltz, the Spatial Audio speakers look really cool, and by all accounts (reviews), sound awesome.  At $3450 for the M5, that's beyond my budget right now, but maybe pre-owned is an option down the road?  
Maggies to Tekton?
@pmm, I actually have 2 Syzygy subs, and they are great.   
Maggies to Tekton?
@northman, yeah, that event certainly set my life on a different trajectory.  But all is good now with a new lady, new perspective, etc.  Maybe the quest for a "new" sound is just an extension of that. By the way, I have no plans to sell the Maggi...