System Update

For those of you who have read my posts at the beginning. Here is an update. I am now running the SP 1.7 and 6B SST. All things were worked out with Bryston. Sometimes things get side ways and all you can do is look back and forget about it. James and I have talked and there are no problems. You might hear me say this more than once...... but expectations can be the force for a lot of "feelings" and " emotional" issues. But hey... be it passion or obsession, we would not be spending our money to build systems. Then the issues in doing "business" can SEEM to make matters get to ya. So with a TT, denon 3910 and Nak CD-1, I have 3 imputs to compare. The system is sounding good. The Bryston amp and preamp seem to match well for me. I have ordered a whole set of Signal Cables for the purpose of doing an AB test. Speaker, Power and interconnects in copper. To be honest this is the last "test". I do have good sound and this is the only option I can seem to try and maybe "tweek" it a bit???????? without going to extreme changes. I will post another question...... thanks for all the imput!
Has anyone here tried a 4B SST and a PP 120 or 300 for the center channel? Not to get into details..... but I am getting a 4B sst and PP to replace the 6B sst. I have heard nothing but good things about the 4B and not anyone using a PP 120 or 300 for center. Yet one more question. Is there a sonic difference between the 6B vs 4B in 2 channel? Who here has heard both and have some imput? I am more than happy with the match up with the Signal Cable connects and speaker the Brystons. I know these are not exotic ...... but the sound is top notch for me. In fact the Signal Cable workd so well I would say give them a try and see if they work for you. You have 30 days and nothing to loose. While the power cords had no plus for me on the Brystons...... the magic cord did have a good plus for my Denon 3910.