TK5E update

Thanks to all for some great info.The system is fired up and running.A Shure RS 10 was on the table and working.I though all was fine.I have really not critically listen to any of my systems for years, kids and stuff.I do go to many live events , mostly symphonic ,The New World Symphony.What hearing I did have was destroyed recently at a Modest Mouse concert.I did install the Signet TK5E as is and I was amazed at the difference.It does seem a bit fragile for the PL12 D but I do think it will work.I have had thoughts of putting it into the main system which has a Thorens TD 125 mk II SME 3009 non detachable, and a Grado gold on it.It seems I am quickly getting the bug back. The Signet is so smooth and open! I will however replace the stylus.
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Glad to hear it. Enjoy!

Dear Jazzman463: Which the problem with the cartrridge stylus as it is?

Regards and enjoy the music,
If your TK5E is actually a TK5ea, and you intend to replace the stylus, I would recommend you go with the AT-155Lc. The body on the TK5ea is the same body thats on the top teir Audio Technica AT 155LC. The AT stylus (AT155LC), would take your Signet up to another level.
Yes, the 155LC is a better stylus replacement but you have to pay around 180.00 from an AT original one.

Maybe for the main Jazzman463 audio system ( that I know nothing about other that because is the main one seems to me must be better one. ) could make sense but in this secondary system maybe self system limitations preclude shows its best.
The Spica's were good small speakers with not a wider bandwindth: a -3 db at 60hz and 17khz and the Marantz well with that Marantz signature that always shows more on it self that from what is surrounded, this post say something about:

+++++ " This amp sounds fantastic conservatively rated @ 30WPC, it will absolutely impress, very warm classic Marantz sound. " +++++

Anyway, Jazzman463 call.

I have ordered a TKN1 stylus from conusaudo.I think with this system(the PL12D )better match.If I decide to put in on my main system,I think the Thorens will be better.However,I seem to listen to the secondary system more,and it is a sweet little system.The 1060 was the first piece of gear I purchased back in 74. I believe the PL12D was my second .So I have LOTS of emotional attachment to them.Also it is a pain in the $#@!%$# to change a cartridge in the SME 3009 NON detachable.Anyway thank all you guys for the info.PS I also purchased a manual record cleaner.Never had one,hear we go.
Good, have fun!