Synthesis LM260 Speakers?

We're in the process of moving and getting rid of things we no longer use. We realized we still have a set of our old speakers, supposedly Synthesis LM260 model. We're not sure because we tried to do some research and have not been able to find any images that look remotely like the speakers we have. Help?

conrad johnson made those. I was a cj dealer and sold that
pair and IIRC, there were one or two more models.

I just checked my literature library and found a brochure on
them. They also had a LM210 and a LM310 in addition to the
LM260. The LM210 had a review in Stereophile.
I owned the two-way bookshelf version and found them damn fine speakers
(used with Velodyne ULD-12 subwoof).
I auditioned the jumbo model but thought its treble too laid back for my taste.
First rate build quality!
Wish I had them back!
Great for the feedback, guys; thanks!

We're not sure if we want to hold onto these or sell them. What would you say would be an appropriate sale price?
At the time (early 90's) the large model was selling around $4000.
Today, in good condition, I'd be happy with $1000.
According to the last dealer price list I have, new retail
prices were:

LM210 $1195.00/pair

LM260 $1995.00/pair

LM310 $2895.00/pair

A used pair of LM260s would be worth around $400-$600
depending on condition. They might be a little hard to sell
because they weren't very well known, but are EXCELLENT
I'm convinced the speaker in the provided link is the LM310.
There is a "statement" version but it has separate woofer towers.
The LM260 is about the same width as my former LM210s only taller and had the sloped baffle.
I remember hearing the LM260s at a shop on Ventura Blvd in the S.F. Valley (i.e. L.A.). They were so sparkling clean and clear, compared to my Magnapan SMGs that I was shocked.
This was in the near field in a small room.
It was the LM310s that were "laid back" (brief audition in a large room).
Thanks for all the info - I was completely clueless, and that's definitely more than I would've thought to price them at. After giving it some thought, we're deciding to keep them - they still work great. If I remember correctly, this set of speakers we had may have come with a pair of smaller speakers? I might just be making it up, but I'm pretty sure that's how they were. My dad says he probably bought the speakers in the '80s, for "at least a thousand". I think our family's completely clueless when it comes to speakers.
Meilinnn..excellent choice on keeping them! They are still a great sounding speaker. I'd keep them too.

8 years later, I guess it's not too late to resurrect these comments.

I've had the LM 210s for a few years and just pulled them out of the closet. I sent them up in a small room and I'm certainly surprised at how great they sound. They never played with such weight so I can see now that what they really need is a small room. Much better than I remembered!