Susan Tedeschi

Any Susan Tedeschi fans out there? Love her music. Just secured a pair of tickets to see her and her band live here in NJ in Oct. Fantastic. Looking forward to it very much. Anyone have a favorite CD of her 4 or so released?
I really liked "Just Won't Burn" and "Wait for Me". But, I really disliked "Hope and Desire" recorded with husband Derek Trucks. I don't know if it was Trucks' influence or something else, but I just couldn't listen to it. I didn't buy the latest release based on the experience with "Hope and Desire".

I saw her a few years ago in a show with Jackie Greene and Solomon Burke and the entire show (including Tedeschi) was awesome.

BTW, now 4-5 years later, I just saw Jackie Greene again and his show was smokin'!! Check him out!


Wait for Me

Click on link recording should self start

recording doesn't do my room justice ... tilt in treble and hollowness in her voice are artifact of my recording with wifes point and shoot camera and then compressing file to email size

Recording is in mono from "Live from Austin Texas" album
Lets try again ... if link blue link doesn't work

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Wait for Me
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Big fan here. I have all of her cds, love 'em!
Cannot go wrong with her latest effort...killer disc. Should pick it up and give a listen before the show as she is playing almost the entire album on this tour. Caught a show a few months back and it was outstanding.
2nd "Just Won't Burn".
I saw her this past year in concert with her husband Derek Trucks and just last week watched a video of her from a 2003 Austin City Limits show. Based on the video, there's something about her that reminds me of Janis Joplin' style. But Janis was . . . well . . . Janis. No competition.
Thanks everyone for your comments and feedback. Dave, thanks for the video link but it didn't work. Sorry.

I absolutely love her June 2003 concert from Austin City Limits on DVD. Fabulous and that band of musicians are top notch (Jason Crosby, William Green, Ron Perry, & Jeff Sipe). I see she is no longer recording and touring with them. Too bad. Yes, "Wait for Me" is my favorite hands down. Just picked up and am listening now to "Back to the River". It's got to grow on me. Yes, I figured she would be performing many if not all of these cuts as most musicians do in concert with a newly released album. They always want play more of those. Thanks again.
I prefer her bluesier material but I think she is a fine interpreter of things that fall into the rock, folk and country idioms as well.

But... I REALLY like it when she throws down. I saw her do a version of Junior Wells' "Little by Little" with the Allman Brothers several weeks ago and it was definitely a highlight.