Susan Tedeschi

Just saw Susan T in concert this past Saturday night in Morristown, NJ. Absolutely stupendous performance. Band was incredible. She sang a number of cuts from her newest CD, "Back to the River" but also did many of her older tunes as well.

Got tickets for Steely Dan in late Nov in the Philadelphia area. I'm still pinching myself !!
I saw Susan a few months back and was STUNNED at her ability to give a near perfect live performance. When she played "Just won't burn" she brought tears to my eyes. Incredible artist, and her husband ain't too shabby either :)
Just Won't burn is my favorite too.
I like her, very talented, BUT I don't care for her latest LP. Too laid back for me. BTW, she plays a few cuts on her hubbies (Derek Trucks) new LP, 'Already Free'. That is a killer group of songs, highly recommended.

Saw a documentary on Steely Dan a few weeks ago about their upcoming tour. Donald F. looked run-down and just plain old yet Walter B. still had the youthful look.
I love when you are able to see performances were things are about as close to perfect as they can get. I also love when a performance is so powerful that it can evoke emotion (such as bringing tears to the eyes).