Surround Sound Pre-Amp

I'm switching from two channel to 5.1; passive speakers to active. I was thinking of Outlaw 990 for a pre, it has two sub outs and balanced connections. Thoughts? I'm open as to what direction to go here, although my funds are more in line with the Outlaw price or another brand used. Bottom line: maybe two subs and all active speakers in a surround system.

Any and all thoughts on a pre are appreciated.

Thank You
Look for Meridian multichannel processors/preamps depending on budget the 800 series are outstanding but expensive the 500 series can be found at a very reasonable and are pretty good.
If you'd like to have a new pre-pro with good sound and a 5 year warranty, you should definitely check out the Emotiva MMC-1. They are on sale right now for $699 + shipping. Go to their website and take a look - I think you'll find it to be a better value than the Outlaw. I also think it looks better, too.

One advantage to buying Emotiva right now is that they'll give you 40% off their next generation of pre-pros just for buying a current pre-pro now.

This is what I did in anticipation of their new models coming out later this Summer. And you do not trade-in your current unit, you keep it! That's a *smokin'* deal...

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How about a used Anthem AVM-20 for around $1000? Later,
you can send it back to Sonic Frontiers and have it upgraded to an AVM-50 for $2300 and they give you a two year warranty. So that's an $5000 processor, with warranty, for about $3300; what a bargain.
Anthem, Sunfire or Sherbourne. You won't miss 2 channel at all.
save your money and buy a sony 9000. I have one and also had a Casablanca for a while. Sony was a clear winner, at a fraction of the price. You figure.
Meridian has tres col 3 channel stereo called Trinaural.I used to install McIntosh,Krell,B&W etc.But one time I loaded van with just fronts and center and thought I had left rears at shop.Guy said"Chill.Check this out" and played system that was on 3 ch (again no rears) that sounded naural.It's an older tech actually called "Trinural Sound and another company makes and add on for $2K.But as was mentioned new Meridian separates aren't cheap though you can get thier 24/96 amped digital speakers.Yuo ca get all-in-one with remote,CD/DVD,and essentially a receiver that can be bought for discount at $5K.Cheap when just thier best CD player can be $20K.But as was mentioned earlir 500 series some of which have video switching in one box some have two may no have as good sonics but can be $500-$1K and you can often get download of upgraded software.
But Outlaw for price is no slouch and are top notch in bass management.Yet at price why not go with $3K Denon receiver which seems to ave overtaken Yamaha as THE A/V receiver with cutting edge tech?