Super Budget systems at RMAF

First time at an audio show after reading countless magazines and reviews. Of course, I loved the Vandersteen 7's, Magico's, MBL,s etc. Although not shopping for a second system, I found three outstanding systems for around $1,000 or under. Went into the Emotiva room expecting some nice sound after reading about all the rave reviews. Was totally unimpressed. Went over to the Emotiva Pro room next door and was Wowed! Their new $799.00 6" active speakers coupled with a $300.00 dac blew me away. Huge, clean sound for a very small price. I predict they sell a lot of these.
Next, I happen to walk by the Hsu Research room. Did not want to go in because I was not in need of a sub. Couldn't believe what I heard. $398 a pair for bookshelf speakers coupled with a 10" $499.00 sub played thru a $300 Onyko reciever for purposes of bass management. Clean,holographic sound filled the room with any kind of music thrown at it. The source was a just a Sony 5-disc Cd player. Wonder what a better source might do? Outstanding!
Lastly, I went into the Napa Acoustic room. Never even heard of them. An I-pod played tiny speakers thru a 25-watt tube integrated amp. Again,very loud, musical and clean. Everyone I seen walk into that room and heard that set-up just smiled. Cost of the integrated amp and speakers-$599.00($549.00 show price). Would make a great porch system. Just wondering if anyone who went to RMAF heard any of these systems and had similiar impressions?
I used to own the Napa Acoustic integrated amp and speakers and agree with you - for the price they are terrific (for a small/medium room).